Startup Cabin Open Office Hours.


Open Office Hours with the advisers
from Startup Cabin for companies
in Games, IoT, IT, media, design and Tech.

Book Open Office Hours with our advisors and mentors.

The Office Hour slots are extra long to give you a boost after the conference. 

As usual we ask you to prepare accordingly to get the most out of you session.

  • Have a ready presentation of your company. Showing us the product or a small 5-10 slide powerpoint/keynote is enough. Maybe it's concept art or just a description of the company. But show us what you've got! 
  • Remember to introduce: the team, the market and your solution.
  • Questions we will ask is: What is you biggerst problem right now that you want help with? What do you need to develop? What do you want feedback on?

Fill in the form to get to the booking calendar and choose a slot that works for you. You will get a confirmation by email and a reminder. We hold Open Office Hours in Swedish and English.