Invite-only networking brunch for founders in Stockholm.


Startup Cabins Founders's Lunch.

Get together with other highly motivated entrepreneurs and share insights and networks with each other.

Tired of going to meetups and networking events that give you nothing but distant contacts that can't help you grow your company? Tired of too many attendees that come for the free food and don't share anything of value? Us too. 

It's simple. We hand-pick who gets a seat at the table. If you're an entrepreneur that has value to bring to the table, you're in!

Startup Cabin's Founder's lunch are held once a month at a restaurant in Stockholm.

We limit the seats to between 8-15 entrepreneurs.
Come and present a problem that you want to solve in your business. And we'll discuss each persons problem and how we can solve it together. You'll present your company and yourself in a 30 second pitch at the beginning of each lunch. 


Contact person is Steve Ferris. Steve (@) if you have any further questions.


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Why we changed our Meetup to Founder's Lunches

There is something missing in Stockholms entrepreneurial community. The possibility to sit down with a small group of entrepreneurs who have come further in their journey. Networking on a higher level. 

Don't get us wrong, meetups are great, but they only serve one step of the levels of networking you can do, the first interaction.
They give no possibility to sit down and talk to someone for several hours. Really getting to know them and their business.

Our previous meetups where some kind of mix of a traditional meetups and these more indepth meetings. We held the groups small to give people a better connection and time to get past the first formailities. And all our feedback was the same every time, people love the smaller format with less focus on a lecturer and more focus on really having time to talk to each other. Now we're gonna supercharge it with an even stronger format.

Here's what other's have said after meeting with us.


"It was super fun!
Hope to see you again!"


"Thank you all for coming! I had a great time exchanging ideas with everyone afterwards - what an awesome mix of people! Thanks again for the invitation :)"


"this is the best meetup ever, I really got new insights for my business!"