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Here at Startup Cabin we want to help entrepreneurs work smart and grow fast. That's why Xue Mei sat down with me in this special podcast "How to Get a Mentor". Xue Mei has extensive experience, both with her own international mentors and with mentoring and advising both leaders and companies.
What we cover here will allow you to identify the right people who will help you to the next level in your career, and how get them to agree to share priceless information with you.

We've also assembled a guide with templates and checklists for you as you seek out your mentor. 

Listen and download your guide today to learn how to:

  • Identify the people who you should persue - There are important qualifiers to consider when finding a mentor, you'll get the checklist to point you in the right direction.
  • Reach out to potential mentors, and get a response - When approaching professionals who are more senior in than you, there are certian protocalls to follow to ensure you put out the most positive impression and impress those you are reaching out to.
  • What not to do - There's so much room for error, and we will explore the most common mistakes people make when asking for mentors and in utilising a mentorship.
  • Make the most of your mentor/mentee relationship - Our checklists and templates for mentor meetings and goal setting will ensure that you stay on track to grow and develop and make the most of the guidance your mentor gives you.

Hope you enjoy it!



All the best,

Steve Ferris,

Marketing Producer
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