Podcasting is still a young media format. It's not uncommon for people to have questions about it.

"What is a podcast"

Why should I listen to it?"

"How do I listen to it?"

I will explain everything you need to know about how to take advantage of this exciting and free resource


What is a podcast?

The simple answer: It's  on-demand radio. You can listen to specialized content that is realavant to your interests anytime you want. Most podcasts are audio only, but you can find many video podcasts as well.

The technical answer: Podcasts are media files that are uploaded to a media server and distributed through an RSS feed. People can subcribe to your RSS feed just as they would with a blog. The media files have meta data that allow them to be discovered when users search for keywords within the meta data.


Why should I listen to it?

Expert advice, education, motivation, personal development, you name it, it's all there in podcasts and it's free. Unlike video or written content, audio podcasts allow you to listen while you go about your daily life. There's zero time commitment. Enrich and entertain yourself while at work, working out or cooking dinner.


How do I listen to it?


Listen to Podcasts with iTunes
Most podcasts are discovered and listened to through the iTunes Store. Here’s how you can use it.

  1. Open iTunes and go to the store. Click the podcast link at the top. itunes_1
    You can even click the dropdown arrow for quicker access to the genre you want to listen to. itunes_2
    You can easily do a search directly for StartupCabin Podcast in the search bar located in the upper-right corner.
  2. From there you can click on the show’s cover art and see all the episodes available. From here you can also subscribe to the show or share the iTunes link via email or social media with others.
  3. You can choose to listen while streaming by clicking the preview play button
    Or you can choose to download the episode to your library. From there, it can easily be dragged over to your iPhone or iPod to listen to later. 

Mobile Apps for podcasts

Listen to Podcasts on your mobile phone or tablet
Podcasts are great for when your are on the move. There is one app we recommend for iOS and Android devices. The App is called Stitcher Radio. It will use wifi or your wireless network to stream podcasts. This will not fill your device’s memory, but will use data from your cellular service plan.

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  1. Download the Stitcher Radio App on your smart phone or device
  2. After you open the app, search for StartupCabin podcast
  3. Once you find our show, select it and press the + to add to favorites.
  4. You can create your own collections of podcasts. When you click your "My favorites" or other playlist, all your show are up to date and ready to listen to.
  5. The absolute best feature is that you can choose your speed. By clicking this icon you can choose to listen to the podcast at 1/2, 1X, 1.5X or 2X the normal speed.


Listen to Podcasts online with your browser.
You can listen to the podcast directly from our website. 
Every episode has it’s own page with show notes, transcription, and an embedded player. 
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What works best for you?

Once you've decided how to listen, choose your link below.

Listen on iTunes

Listin on Stictcher

Listen online

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If you want more help you can tweet us at @startupcabin or contact us and we'll help out. Happy listening!

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