Grow your business
exponentially every year.

Xue Mei Rhodin

We've seen what entrepreneurs need to build great companies and we've wrapped it all together in our Tribes Mastermind Program.


The Tribes mastermind program are designed for business owners in the IT, Tech, Design and Games Industries.

This is the program we would have wanted ourselves when we started in business 20, 11 and 10 years ago.
Together, our managing team has over 50 years of experience running, investing in, selling and advising companies in design, tech, IT, telecom and games. And now we didn't even count all of our mentors in our network.

We're now excited to take the international concept that we have used ourselves to build companies, get investments and grow as leaders and entrepeneurs and give you the same opportunity.

But even more, we're excited to bring you into a tribe of driven entrepreneurs who want to help you win.

Mattias Ringbjer

What we will do

Slide through the modules to see exactly what you'll do through the year long program.

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What you get

Team_Leader6-14 peers

who equally desire to build a sustainable businesses that will grow year after year.

Premium_ServicesFrequent advisors and lecturers

who are experts in their field, and ready to teach you.


FeaturesProven templates and tools
to turn strategy into action.


Social__EngagementQuality feedback

on your products and business model


Online_PresenceExponential reach

with a Tribe that markets and sells for you



to stay on track for your big goals.


Market_ResearchA lean testing ground

to build products smarter and faster.

Business_SolutionsGreater leadership skills

and personal development.


This is exactly what you need

If you:

✔ Want your company to give you more time, money and even more value to your customers.

✔ Want to grow your business evey year.

✔ Want quality feedback on your leadership, product, brand, sales or marketing strategy.

✔ Want more trusted peers that could advise you and teach you new things.

✔ Want a professional mentor/advisor who can give you tools to reach your goals.

✔ Want an unfair advantage against your competitors.



Kick more ass!

When you learn:

✔ The 19 ways to market your business and how to evaluate which ones will work for your business.✔ The method to solve any problem in your team and how to become a leader that attracts A-players.
✔ The process to keep track of your goals and implement them during the next 12 months. ✔ How to build a brand that adds value to your bottom line. Learn what 99% of businesses miss about branding that will change the way you build your brand.
✔ How to structure your business model to be sustainable and attract the maximum amount of sales. ✔ Who you are as an entrepreneur and leader and how to build a business that keeps you on the path of Least Resistance and in Flow.

This mastermind group is for

Any entrepreneur with a creative or innovative business who wants to learn how to work smarter, not harder.


✅ Any entrepreneur who wants to learn to build their business faster, smarter, easier.


✅ Any entrepreneur who wants to make real money on their business so they can keep improving their product and quality.


✅ Entrepreneurs who are frustrated, worried or tired of struggeling on their own with their business.


✅ Entrepreneurs who understand that peer feedback and mentors are essential to get to the top.


❌ It is not for business owners who want to stay small.


❌ It is not for entrepreneurs who think marketing or sales are not important when running a business.


❌ It is not for the lazy or unengaged. 


The requirements

1. Tribe members need to have one weekend a month available to attend the Tribe Meetings and co-produce homeworks with Tribe members and have 1-1 meetings.


2. At least 2 days a month for testing and implementing each modules learnings directly in your company.


3. Tribe members need to have an existing business that they own or co-own.


4. Partners can attend Tribes together for the price of one. But the same founders have to show up on every meeting.


5. A positive, forward-thinking and committed attitude.


We're not saying you'll become a knight, but you will be able to:


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